Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Your Business data has a story to tell. iGrid’s BI Solutions & Analytical Services helps you attain Business Insights & Stay ahead of trends

Business Intelligence

iGrid uses Microsoft's Power BI to help companies create “The Dashboard Effect”, which puts performance metrics at top-of-mind, driving strategy and productivity.

Leverage our Business Intelligence services to make data-driven decisions faster by transforming your data into actionable insights. Our bespoke business intelligence and data visualization solutions are built using Microsoft’s latest BI technologies that help organizations uncover the hidden insights in their data and present them in intelligent dashboards.

Advanced Analytics

One of the key steps towards successful digital transformation is being able to extract every bit of insight from the treasure chest of information being held by disparate systems and processes.

Through the help of analytics, companies can be more descriptive and predictive. The challenge however lies is bringing the disparate data and aligning it what the business aims to accomplish. We work with our clients to build data driven teams and empower them with tools and knowledge required to gain a competitive edge.

Self Service BI Implementation

Self Service BI is an approach that empowers end users to design and deploy their reports, queries, and analyses within an architecture approved and supported by the organization.


Connecting to data sets in the Power BI service.


Quick measure update to swiftly perform common and powerful calculations.


The launch of Power BI apps. Through these apps, organizations can now deploy purpose-built dashboards and reports.

*CDC training is part of our delivery

Return On Investment(ROI)

  • Single version of truth
  • Reduced dependency of IT and MIS teams
  • Optimized cost
  • Increased flexibility
  • Effortless decision making

BI & Advanced Analytics - Services

Plan & Consulting
  • Define goals
  • Build models
  • Analyze data
  • Build a prototype
Solution Implementation
  • Prototype analytics model
  • Develop dataset ingestion
  • Develop analytics model, features, and visualizations
  • Integrate solution with website and applications
Managed Services
  • Monitor and maintain solution operation and performance
  • Update models, features, and visualizations as required
  • Update dataset ingestion as required


Customer Analytics
Operational Analytics
Price & Revenue Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Cognitive Analytics
Churn Analytics

Advanced Analytics – Technology Stack

TAT Breach Predictions and QoS Improvements

A novel TAT & QoS prediction approach which combines runtime monitoring of the real system with probabilistic model-checking on a parametric system model. A more advanced solution can predict TAT breaches and improve Quality of Service by:

  • Automating basic management tasks frees help desk or service desk personnel from having to deal with an onslaught of orders/incidents that are simple and easy to deal with.
  • An advanced ticketing solution can prioritize incidents, giving service desk personnel the ability to handle the most important issues quickly and efficiently. This can prove invaluable to improving incident management and making it much easier to deal with SLAs.
  • Enables the overall plant to increase the strike rate and revenue
  • Improved the turnaround response time for all the process by min 15%.


  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

HR Success Profiling

Powered by AI for recruiting, intelligent screening software automates the resume screening process. Designed to integrate with an ATS, the software learns what the job requirements are and then learns what qualified candidates look like based on previous hiring decisions.

Manufacturing Plant Efficiency Analysis

A simplified IoT for the shop floor: our fully automated machine monitoring solution provides visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data, instant notifications, as well as historical analytics, allowing factory workers to make faster, smarter, more confident decisions based on real-time data.

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