Collaboration, Content & Cloud

SP Business Application

Intranet Portal
Easily Create a Collaborative Site
Department Portals
Facilitate Team Collaboration
Extranet Portals
Enhance Communication
Efficiently Manage Information
Workflow Management
Automate Business Processes
Project Tracker Portal
Generate Relevant Reports
Sales Portal
Integrate with Existing LOB Systems
Ticketing, Review/ Approval Routing
Drive Organizational Efficiencies
Marketing Portal
Simple, Familiar & Consistent User Experience
HR Portal
Meet Regulatory Requirements
Enterprise wide Search
Connect Employees with Information and Expertise
Facilities Portal/ Inventory Tracking
Share without Divulging Sensitive Information

Correspondence Management System

  • Common working environment for efficient collaboration of Business and IT
  • Agile cross-department change management
  • Unified system for sharing work without e-mail dependence
  • Reporting and auditing transparency
  • Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Intranet & Document Management System

Quick, Comprehensive Search

Search capabilities in intranet software are far more advanced than email or simple file sharing programs.


Having a common platform to share, learn, and collaborate enables key experts to share their knowledge and be visible across the organization.

Mobility: Access on the go

In addition to flexible work schedules, Being able to access information on the go through your mobile intranet becomes very important.

Centralized, Accessible Knowledge

Employees can benefit from immediate access to all necessary information.

Managing Ideas and Increase Feedback

Source thoughts, opinions, and ideas from employees, customers, and partners, enrourages engagement, innovation, and helpful feedback.

Faster Response to Problems

Sharing of information taps into the collective intelligence of organizations that is not often available in company emails or file cabinets. As information gathering is accelerated, response times are also faster.

Break Down Silos and Boundaries

Can equip their employees with better collaboration tools to work together regardless of geographic location or functional role.

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